Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Fr. Hans Maneschg, Comboni missionary, presented a research entitled: “Meeting with the other in the Bible. Three biblical icons” at the Gruppo Europeo di Riflessione Teologica (GERT) meeting that took place in Sunningdale (England) in September 2017. The three biblical icons are those of the meeting of Abraham and Sarah with the three visitors, the experience of the Prophet Jonah and, finally, the biblical icon of Noemi and Ruth. Fr. Hans concludes his presentation underlining that “The three biblical texts [...] contain in the context of migration and in a world torn between rich and poor, between exploiters and exploited a triple pressing appeal to hospitality, universality and solidarity. It is an invitation that comes from the awareness of an interdependent world and universe in which one lives thanks to the other. The refusal to live in conformity with this reality dehumanizes and destroys the common home”.
Attached we publish the article in Italian and Portuguese.

Fr. Hans Maneschg, Comboni missionary.