Nairobi Comboni Scholasticate: “We wish you all a Happy and Prosperous year 2021 filled with joy and love”


Friday 1st January 2021
We are launching our first Newsletter in the context of celebration of Christmas, closing the year of 2020 and entering to a new year of 2021. Probably, the year 2021 will not bring extraordinary surprises as we could expect. However, from the above we can be assured of God’s grace and strength.

But, for it to be manifest, let us not forget God needs our cooperation and our willingness to actively respond to his call for “the change we want to see in the world”. Therefore, we enter the year 2021 filled with hope that from different learning experiences throughout 2020 we will be able to stand before the challenges and find adequate methods to overcome them.

We acknowledge the challenging moments we went through as whole world. Due to COVID-19 we easily noticed that the way of living was not as we were used to:

We lost lives of our beloved ones; we saw others struggling in the hospitals and homes; we witnessed travel bans and other restrictions, businesses being shut down, and the sources of income being as well defied; we faced the closure of schools; we are aware of crises within families (parents, youth and children standing with challenged focus); and our missionary presence among those to whom we rend service has been unstable. These are just few challenges we experienced throughout the year.

Nevertheless, the year 2020 has also been a great learning experience: finding the meaning of our lives, valuing the closeness of family, friends and relatives, as well as setting priorities; reflecting on the deteriorated social values; understanding our social, cultural, political, economic and religious status in need to be restructured, in order to adjust them and enable them to respond to the basic needs of the society, protecting life first.

It has been an opportunity to create an environment that allows us to come out from the comfort of our selfishness and to throw ourselves into a culture of sharing, love and care for one another; an opportunity for us to become more conscious of our interconnectedness. Hence, the chance of destroying “the culture of indifference” and building up a culture of tender love, togetherness, and integral promotion of human being, empowering everyone and promoting an effective realization of everyone’s potentials.

We wish you all a Happy and Prosperous year 2021 filled with joy and love.
Sch. Jamito Paulino, MCCJ