Brazil: Fr. Serafim Aparecido Rodrigues da Costa at the Ipê Amarelo mission


Tuesday, April 20, 2021
In this month of April we received in our community of Ipê Amarelo Father Serafim Aparecido Rodrigues da Costa [in the picture, foreground], Brazilian Comboni missionary, who came to join us in the mission. And together he brought the joy of the first Mass in our mission house Santa Terezinha. Since I arrived a year and six months ago, there had not been a Holy Mass in our house. To receive the Eucharistic Christ is to renew our strength and keep alive the hope of continuing our journey.

In this time of uncertainty, of waiting in which we cannot plan well the future, the next steps, the joy of being able to live this moment is immense. I had a great desire to say “Lamb of God” in community. The presence of the missionary spirit, the desire to live and work with us in community, which was evident in the attitudes and words of father… also made me vibrate with joy. May Jesus the missionary unite and strengthen us on this journey, so that together we may live the mission of the Risen Christ.

A strong embrace.
Regimar Costa, CLM Brazil

NB. Regimar Costa and her husband Valmir Barp are waiting for the opening of the borders to go on mission to Mozambique.