Sunday, May 30, 2021
“The first religious profession of three young men (from left, in the picture: Weldemariam Estifanos Yonas, Mahder Metay Merhawi, and Nahom Andemariam Yohannes), on May 14, 2021, in Dekamhare, went well”, tells us Fr. Habtu Teklay Tiluq from Eritrea. Almost all confreres and the parents of the newly professed reached Dekamhare by public transport without any problem.

Then to go back to Asmara and other destinations it was some difficulties with the transports. It took almost the whole day to reach the 40kms from Dekmhare to Asmara. So much so the parents of the newly professed passed the night in Asmara to proceed to Keren the next day. The newly professed left briefly to their family for holidays. Greetings from the newly professed and all the confreres in Eritrea. [Fr. Habtu]
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New religious professions in Dekamhare, in Eritrea. The three young men with the confreres.