Tuesday, January 24, 2023
Greetings from Poland! Almost three weeks ago I started my community experience before going to Kenya. Now I’m in Warsaw and I live with Ewa Maziarz, my friend from community. Time is running so fast! I have a lot of meetings and so a lot of opportunities to learn something more. I speak a lot with others missionaries. They share with me their experience. Tell me more about challenges on mission. [
Comboni Lay Missionaries]

I have biblical catechesis twice a week and meetings with Alberto de la Portilla. I have English lessons because there is also a lot of work to do. Apart from that I spent a few days in Poznań where my friends from community did for me a great repetition of first aid. They also told me a lot about their pastoral work on their mission and many other topics we discussed. And of course, we also talked about the main topic during this time – the community. With Ewa we spend time together, we pray together. We have one community day a week and this time is just for us. We also visit the Comboni Fathers here in Warsaw.

From left: Ewa Maziarz, Marzena Gibek, Fr. Azameti Komi Benoit, and Fr. Filip Andrzej Jan.

I send you greetings and please pray for us.
With pray,
Marzena Gibek

Comboni Lay Missionaries