Bishop Christian Carlassare calls to avoid “any spirit of competition or disunity” in the vacant diocese


Sunday, July 7, 2024
The immediate former Local Ordinary the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek has cautioned against rivalry in the South Sudanese Episcopal See as the process that will result in the appointment of his successor officially begins. In a letter to the people of God in Rumbek Diocese shortly after his transfer and appointment as pioneer Bishop of South Sudan’s Catholic Diocese of Bentiu was made public, Bishop Christian Carlassare [in the picture] has encouraged the people, who have been under his pastoral care, to accompany the Vatican in prayer and discernment as they await a new Bishop, allowing “the spirit of God to work”. [Photo: Fr. Luka Dor/Rumbek Diocese. Text: ACI Africa].

“My new appointment makes this Diocese vacant. It is true. But let vacancy not be synonymous of loneliness, abandonment or neglect,” Bishop Carlassare says in his letter dated Wednesday, July 3, the day the Holy See Press office published his transfer to Bentiu Diocese and appointed him to temporarily continue shepherding the people of God in Rumbek Diocese as Apostolic Administrator. 

In the letter, he highlights the challenges of leaving Rumbek Diocese vacant, and assures the people of God there of his closeness as their Apostolic Administrator. “The Holy See informs us that I remain the Apostolic Administrator of Rumbek. It will not be for a long period. It will only be for the time needed by the Holy See to appoint the new Bishop of Rumbek,” Bishop Carlassare, who has been at helm of Rumbek Diocese since his Episcopal Consecration in March 2022 says. [To read the full article, click here.]

Today, 7th July, Bishop Carlassare wrote a new message to the People of God, in which he says: “I write this brief message to express my gratitude to the Holy Father Pope Francis for the erection of the Diocese of Bentiu, embracing Lakes State and Rueng Administrative Area. It is a great blessing from God not only for the people of Bentiu but for the all Church.” [See attached message]