In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

We have just gone through the life and work of Daniel Comboni. His was a very short, but intense life. His work was very important as “God’s works are born, grow and become fruitful at the foot of Calvary; the Cross is the mark and the characteristic of God’s work” (Writing n. 4673).

Comboni had foretold: “my work will not die”. Today we see its work truly flourishing, in various ways and worldwide. It is a confirmation that of the seed Comboni has sown on the African soil is one of good quality. It is so fruitful as to grow into a tree spreading its branches over four continents and mobilising for the work of evangelisation men and women of many races, nations and cultures.

The apostolic ideal of Daniel Comboni lives on today in the two Institutes he has founded, The Comboni Missionaries and the Comboni Missionary Sisters, as well as in the Comboni Secular Missionaries and the Comboni Lay Missionaries of a more recent foundation. All together there are over 4000 men and women committed to missionary evangelisation in 40 countries of Africa, America, Asia and Europe.


O God, Father of all nations, who have extended your Church among the African people through the apostolic zeal of St. Daniel Comboni, grant that, through his intercession, the Church may grow in faith and holiness and may always be enriched by new children for the glory of your name.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Word of God:

A Reading from the Letter of St. Paul to the Ephesians (Ef 1, 15-23)

From Daniel Comboni’s Writings:

From the homily given by Daniel Comboni when he was made Pro-vicar Apostolic of Central Africa (Writings 3156-3159, 3164)


(There may be testimonies coming from the missionaries)

Prayers of the Faithful:

Let us pray to Christ, the Good Shepherd: that He may enrich the Church with the missionary charism of St.
Daniel Comboni, so that through his intercession Christ may be announced, lived and proclaimed among all the peoples, races and cultures of our world.

Lord, grant us to live ever more intensely our missionary vocation.

(POSTER 1) For all the children of the world: may their rights be respected and may they live in peace within their own family. Let us pray.
(POSTER 2) For the young people who are deciding about their missionary vocation: may they encounter true witnesses to accompany them. Let us pray.
(POSTER 3) For the priests, religious and lay people who work in the missions: may they boldly announce the kingdom of God by their lives and their words. Let us pray.
(POSTER 4) That Jesus’ invitation to “go to the whole world and announce the Gospel” may be an important dimension for all the local Churches. Let us pray.
(POSTER 5) That Daniel Comboni’s Plan “to save Africa with Africa” may be put into effect in many Christian communities.
Let us pray.
(Poster 6) For all the ‘Nigrizia’ situations and for those who suffer any kind of discrimination: may all find justice, live in peace and enjoy brotherhood. Let us pray.
(POSTER 7) That following Daniel Comboni’s example, all people may respect, believe in and enhance the role of women in our society. Let us pray.
(POSTER 8) For all the Comboni Family’s young people in formation: may Daniel Comboni be their model of missionary life and apostolate. Let us pray.
(POSTER 9) For all the bishops: may they, like Daniel Comboni, keep always alive the missionary fervour in their dioceses.
Let us pray.
(POSTER 10) May the Church always foster human promotion alongside evangelisation. Let us pray.
(POSTER 11) For all the missionary animators: may they keep constantly alive by their witness the ‘ad gentes’ dimension in the Church. Let us pray.
(POSTER 12) For all the deceased missionaries: may their testimony be constantly kept alive in the Christian communities they have served. Let us pray.
(POSTER 13) May the example of the holiness of Daniel Comboni strengthen us to be “holy and capable” and to dedicate ourselves to “the poorest and most abandoned”.
Let us pray.
(POSTER 14) May the members of the Comboni Family spread throughout the world live with their “eyes fixed on Christ” as they face up to the challenges of the new millennium.
Let us pray.

Our Father

Prayer of the Comboni Family

Father, who through Daniel Comboni have shown us a marvellous example of love for you and the peoples of Africa, grant that through his intercession we too may be transformed by the love which flows from the Pierced Heart of the Good Shepherd.
Grant that by imitating his missionary zeal and his holiness, we may consecrate ourselves entirely, as a community of apostles, to the regeneration of our poorest and most abandoned brothers and sisters, to the praise of your glory.