Monthly Newsletter of the Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus


Intercapitular Assembly

We wish to remind once again those concerned (secretaries of the General Secretariats, provincials and delegates etc.) that all the reports for the Intercapitular Assembly should reach the General Secretary before the end of May in two versions: one in the original language and one, if the original language is Italian, Portuguese, French, Spanish or German, in English. If the original language is English, the translation should be in either Italian or Spanish.
The agenda of the Assembly and the list of participants will soon be sent by e-mail to the people concerned. The participants are requested to make their travel arrangements to Mexico in good time (permits, air tickets etc).

General Secretariats

European Assembly of Evangelization on the Ratio Missionis

The delegates of the European provinces met in Pesaro (Italy) from 27 to 31 March to arrange the continental report for the preparation of the first draft of the Ratio Missionis.
The various circumscriptions were represented as follows: Curia: Fr. Piergiorgio Prandina and Fr. Giuseppe Giannini; DSP: Fr. José Aldo Sierra Moreno and Bro. Johann Eigner; Spain: Fr. Laureano Rojo Buxonat and Fr. Joaquín Manuel Sánchez Macías; Italy: Fr. Corrado Masini, Fr. Lino Spezia and Fr. Giacomo Palagi; LP: Fr. Patrick Wilkinson; Portugal: Fr. Alberto de Oliveira Silva; Poland: Fr. Adam Zagaja; The General Secretariat for Evangelization: Fr. Enrique Javier Rosich Vargas and Fr. Fernando Zolli.
In the light of the progress made by the various provinces/delegations and the replies and indications given by the confreres by means of the workshops and reflections animated by the inserts published in Familia Comboniana, the participants clarified the basic elements of missionary service and identity as it is perceived and lived in Europe.
Particular attention was given to those problems and open questions which must be studied and made the subject of discernment in the next phases of this journey of renewal which concerns the entire Institute.
In an atmosphere of openness, sharing and prayer, the Assembly provided the opportunity to understand the importance and the urgency of this project required by the XVI General Chapter (CA ’03, 49) and to appreciate the method used which motivates and encourages community research.

MISNA: new telephone and fax numbers. These are the new numbers: tel. 06.8537971 fax 06.85379734. The address is also changed to: MISNA, Via Levico 14, 00198 Roma.


Fr. Alfredo Ribeiro Neres
has been appointed formator of the Kinshasa Scholasticate (CN) as from 1July 2006.

Fr. Tium Debesai Zewold has been elected provincial councillor of the Province of Ethiopia as from 16 April 2006.

Priestly Ordinations
Fr. Atipoupou Komlavi Stanislas (T) Lomé (TG) 28.01.2006
Fr. Celestino Seabra Invaha Namaneque (MO) Nampula (MO) 26.04.2006

Holy redeemer Guild

01 – 07 ET 08 – 15 ER 16 – 31 IT
June 01 – 15 KE 16 – 30 KH

Prayer intentions
- For the Secular Comboni Missionaries, that their witness and presence may lead the Christian communities to live out the missionary commitment, opening themselves to the needs of the poorest and most abandoned. Let us pray.

June - That the contemplation of the pierced Heart of the Good Shepherd may be a school of meekness and humility during setbacks, of compassion towards the weak and of mercy in judging others. Let us pray.


Priestly Ordination of Fr. Celestino Seabra Invaha Namaneque

On 26 March the cathedral of Nampula was festively adorned for the priestly ordination of four of its sons. The Christians, coming from various missions, celebrated the event with joy, singing and praising God for the new priests.
Fr. Celestino Seabra Invaha Namaneque, Comboni Missionary, was one of the four. The three diocesan priests will work in the home diocese while Fr. Celestino, as a missionary and an expression of the missionary character of the local Church, has been assigned to Sudan, among the people for whom St. Daniel Comboni gave his life. Congratulations and good wishes for a fruitful apostolate.


First Episcopal Ordination Anniversary

The first anniversary of the episcopal ordination of Mgr. Jaime Rodriguez Salazar, Bishop of Huánuco, was celebrated on 3 April 2006.
The Mass began at 10am with the bishop himself presiding and in the company of around twenty concelebrants, both diocesan and religious and of three permanent deacons. A sizeable congregation was also present.
In his homily, Mgr. Jaime thanked God for having called him to this service for the good of the diocese, a service of which was now better aware than a year ago. At the same time he remembered Pope John Paul II who appointed him to this ministry, asking him to continue to intercede from heaven for the Church of Huánuco.
He humbly asked pardon for his sins and thanked the numerous collaborators who, with seriousness and love, took upon themselves the task of building up the diocese. Finally, he appealed to all the faithful to carry out their duties as citizens, as it was the day before the presidential elections, and to prepare their hearts to celebrate Holy Week by giving more time to prayer and works of charity. We wish him many years of fruitful pastoral work.

Assembly of local superiors
On 18 and 19 April, during Easter Week, the assembly of local superiors was held. With the help of Fr. Gaetano Beltrami we reflected upon the role of the superior in the process of the Ratio Missionis, and we shared our thoughts on the work which is being carried out in the communities on the Ratio Missionis and the Six-Year Plan. The participants were the animators of the fifteen communities of the province, including the two in Chile and the confreres at Pozuzo and Palca, who met with various difficulties during their journey to Lima on account of the bad weather.


Bro. Pietro Ciapponi (03.07.1909 – 01.04.2006)
Fr. Georg Angst (04.09.1912 – 14.04.2006)

(see the section "IN THE FATHER'S HOUSE")

Let us pray for our dead

: Perfecto, of Fr. Juan Martín Torres Alférez (M).
THE BROTHER: Egidio, of Fr. Domenico Zugliani (M); Sergio, of Fr. Adriano Galeazzo (I); Giacomo, of Fr. Giancarlo Ramanzini (I).
THE SISTER: Maria, of Fr. Mansueto Zorzato (ET); Hélène, of Fr. Justin Dossou-Yovo (T); Clementina, of Fr. Natale Mandelli (†).
THE COMBONI MISSIONARY SISTERS: Sr. M. Alba Burlo; Sr. Adelinda Tambalo; Sr. M. Nives Ravasio; Sr. Elide Cestaro.
Familia Comboniana n. 631