Reviewing the Mission renewing ourselves


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The process of the Ratio Missionis has underlined the great wealth and potentialities for what is good in the Institute. It has allowed us to become attuned to the vigour of our identity and spiritual wealth which animate our being missionaries.
Roma, 13.12.2008
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The Commission of the Ratio Missionis, meeting in Venegono Superiore on the Feast of the Holy Cross, concluded its work with a final synthesis of the stage of discernment and presented it in a letter dated 14 September 2008. The letter begins with the following words:

“The final report of this second stage of the Ratio Missionis, which we have prepared for you, does not pretend to be complete, since the diversity of people, environments and situations are such that many proposals are to be understood in a particular context. We have tried our best to be faithful as much as possible to what the provinces and continents have said, since it is the outcome of a serious discernment that reflects the concrete situation that the confreres are experiencing. For all this, the provincial and continental synthesis are still valid and we invite everyone to keep them always in mind.”

The document of the Commission for the Ratio Missionis, entitled “Reviewing the Mission, renewing ourselves”, reviews the journey we have made and presents the summary of the six themes proposed in our community discernment, focusing on three headings:

1-. Spirituality:
- The spirituality of the Comboni Missionary is centred on Christ the Good Shepherd as the source of his life and Mission
- “Cenacle of apostles”: to evangelise as communities
2-. Identity
- “Mission, Comboni, Heart of Jesus: facets of the charism which cannot be renounced”
- “We are religious missionaries ad gentes - ad extra - ad vitam - ad pauperes”
3-. Mission - Evangelisation
- “We announce and give witness to Christ and his Mission with generosity and courage”
- “The Mission which characterises us is the one which encourages the protagonism of people in the various fields (to Save Africa with Africa)”

The Preparatory Commission, on the recommendation of the General Council, sends to all confreres this summary consisting of 23-pages, together with a “Reading aid for the text prepared by the thematic commission on the Ratio Missionis.

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Summary of the proposals of the stage of discernment – WD N°4