Spirituality, Mission – Evangelisation and Charism – Identity


Comboni Press
The Preparatory Commission, on the request of the General Council, has sent to all confreres the synthesis of the proposals made during the stage of discernment. This 23-pages document is accompanied by a “Reading aid for the text prepared by the thematic commission on the Ratio Missionis”.
Roma, 15.12.2008
Attachemen. See in Attachements EN the original text. EN. Reading aids for the text on “Ratio Missionis

Reading Aid, having seen the synthesis of the Central Commission for the Ratio Missionis and that “The discernment, the characteristic of the second stage of the RM, has brought to the forefront the desire for true conversion, renewal and radicalness that has emerged both at personal and community level, we have strongly felt the need to go back to the sources of our charism, for qualifying today our missionary presence through fidelity and creativity. We noticed that the common aspects that have emerged can be summarised into three headings: Spirituality, Mission – Evangelisation and Charism – Identity.

Around these key words: Spirituality, Mission and Evangelisation, Charism and Identity, the Reading Aid examines the Statements which emerge from the experience of the Comboni Missionaries, presents the practical Principles suggested during the community discernment, lists the Means or tools to reach the desired end, presents Proposals and suggestions to concretely implement the principles.

They are ten full pages that have to be read in the same spirit of community discernment from which the statements, principles, means, proposals and suggestions have emerged.

Comboni Press

Reading aids for the text on <I>Ratio Missionis</I> – WK N°3