An alternative model of Coordination in the Institute


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Gathered in Pesaro –September 2008- the Thematic Commission – Governance, prepared the Final Report, on Form of Governance, meaning with this expression the institutional form of the exercise of authority in its deep ministerial meaning, as described in RoL 102.
Roma, 17.12.2008
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As hard as it might be to put some order and clarity among the many questions involved, from the contributions received it is possible to distinguish four main areas of concern:
1) The way of assigning personnel, which for some provinces makes it very difficult to elaborate a plan.
2) The lack of continuity at the level of General Administration, with subsequent interruption of the renewal processes.
3) The limited knowledge and observance of the Rule of Life, especially concerning subsidiarity and the use of all the juridical faculties that allow the full responsibility of the provinces.
4) The difficulty of clearly describing the issues, which often are the result of subjective difficulties, more than structural weaknesses.
The first part of this report will be more historical, trying to underline the different contributions and reflections that have been made up to now; the second part tries to study the three areas where - according to this Commission – the XVII General Chapter could intervene and realize the necessary changes.

Thematic Commission – Governance – WD N°6