Formation, Economy, By-laws of Chapter 2009


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The twelve Working Documents sent by the General Council are divided into two groups: from 1 to 6 are intended for the reading and reflection of all the Comboni Missionaries; from 7 to 12 are Working Documents intended mainly for the Chapter Delegates. Even these documents, though, are available to all confreres, as the Chapter is for all.
Rome, 19.12.2008
Attachments. See in Attachments the texts in the various languages

The Working Documents that the General Council has made available are twelve. The index is found at the bottom of the page of the Working Document N° 1: I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full, letter of the General Council.
The first six are directed to all the confreres: they have been translated and presented in five languages. The other six are mainly for the Chapter Delegates, as a direct preparation to the work of the Chapter. Of these:

  • N° 7: Discernment in common, RM 2° stage. Synthesis of the continental proposals, is in the various languages.
  • N° 8: Formation. Attachment n° 1. Final synthesis of the answers to the questionnaire in preparation for the XVI Chapter is available in Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • N° 9: Formation. Attachment n° 2. Ratio Fundamentalis. Changes is available in Italian, English and Spanish.
  • N° 10: Governance. Comments to the Draft – September 2008, is in the various languages.
  • N° 11: By-Laws of the Chapter - Reviewed, it has been translated into English.
  • N° 12: Economy and Mission, Meeting of the Treasurers in Pesaro, is available in Italian, English and Spanish.

    Some of the documents – like N° 7 and N° 10 – are written in various languages, because they contain the contributions of individuals, provinces and continents in the original language.

    The effort to read them is, nevertheless, abundantly compensated by the importance of the topics and the weight that they can have in our daily life if accepted or rejected by the Chapter. Everyone’s opinion becomes, then, an essential aspect of community life.

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  • Texts mainly intended for the Delegates – DT Nn 7-12