Monthly newsletter of the Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus



Consulta: 9 – 31 March 2009
General Notes
General Chapter

The General Council (GC) has further refined the details of the Week in Preparation to the General Chapter. At the same time it has taken a look at what is being done in the Provinces and Delegations. The commitment undertaken in every circumscription is commendable. Once again, the GC encourages everyone so that the Chapter’s preparation may continue with the same interest and enthusiasm, and it welcomes suggestions, proposals and reflections from all confreres.
The GC hopes that the Continental Assemblies in preparation for the Chapter may be moments of grace and blessing for the Institute and the Mission.
The Precapitular Commission will meet in Rome during the entire month of June for the immediate preparation to the General Chapter.
Scholastics and Brothers of Temporary Vows for the Chapter: The invited observers are four, three Scholastics and one Brother. The GC has chosen them among the proposed nominations, taking into account the representation for each Continent and the difficulties that the school calendar may cause to their presence and permanence at the Chapter.


On 29 June 2009 the GC made the decision to open the scholasticate of Cape Coast in Ghana and the community of insertion of the Scholastics in Contagem, BS.
The GC is monitoring the difficult social situation in Eritrea, especially our formative communities. While we thank the confreres of the Delegation for their spirit of sacrifice, we ask everyone to pray for them, in particular for the novices and theology students.

Admission to vows
The GC has admitted to Perpetual Vows 7 Scholastics and 1 Brother. They are the first ones to have completed the missionary service. From the testimonies received, we have reasons to thank God for the positive experience of the missionary service, especially for the commitment of our students, the Comboni communities that have accepted them and the assistance of the Provincials, Delegates and Formators.

Fr. Miguel Angel Llamazares
has been appointed superior of the Delegation of Asia as from 19-03-09.
Fr. Claudio Lurati has been appointed treasurer general of the MCCJ as from 01-07-09.
Fr. Luis Alberto Barrera Pacheco has been appointed superior and first formator of the scholasticate of Lima as from 01-11-09.
Fr. Sergio Agustoni has been appointed second formator of the scholasticate of Lima as from 01-08-09.
Fr. Carmelo Casile has been appointed assistant formator of the scholasticate of Casavatore as from 01-07-09.
Fr. Vincenzo Percassi has been appointed first formator of the new scholasticate of Cape Coast (Ghana) as from 01-07-09.
Fr. Giorgio Padovan has been appointed first formator of the scholasticate inserted in the community of Contagem (BS) as from 01-07-09.
Fr. Pierpaolo Monella has been appointed novice master of the novitiate of Lusaka, Zambia, as from 01-07-09.
To all go our thanks and sincere best wishes.

New Bishop: Mgr. Giovanni Migliorati
. On 21 March 2009 the appointment of Fr. Giovanni Migliorati, MCCJ, as Bishop of Awasa, Ethiopia, was made official. He succeeds Mgr. Lorenzo Ceresoli. His episcopal consecration will take place in Awasa on 31 May 2009. The GC will be represented by Fr. Fabio Baldan and Fr. Tesfamariam Ghebrecristos Woldeghebriel. Our sincerest best wishes to the newly appointed Bishop and many thanks to Mgr. Ceresoli.
Fr. Umberto Pescantini, secretary general, was admitted to St. Camillo Hospital in Rome for a heart surgery. We shall accompany him with our prayer. During the two months of convalescence, the general secretary’s office will be entrusted to Fr. Juan Climent Vilaplana.
Fr. Juan Climent Vilaplana, who has been appointed superior of the Curia community, will begin his term of office as from 01-06-09. Consequently, Fr. Livio Tagliaferri will continue his service as superior ad interim.
The General Council and all the General Direction thank Fr. Girolamo Miante and Fr. Alessandro Guarda for their generous service. We praise their availability and their love for the mission and the Institute, shown in their quiet and steadfast service.

Agenda of the General Council
Next Consulta will start on 8 June 2009.
Fr. Teresino Serra: from 14 to 20 April will take part in the Continental Assembly of Europe in Pesaro. From 4 to 10 May will take part in the Assembly of the Delegation of Asia in Manila. From 17 to 29 May will preach the spiritual exercises to the DSP.
Fr. Fabio Carlo Baldan: From 6 to 17 May will take part in the Assembly of the Chapter Delegates for English-speaking Africa and Mozambique in Lusaka, Zambia. From 28 May to 5 June will participate in the episcopal consecration of Mgr. Giovanni Migliorati in Awasa, Etiopia.
Fr. Odelir José Magri: from 30 April to 15 May will take part in the Assembly of the Chapter Delegates for French-speaking Africa in Lomé, Togo. From 18 to 26 May will take part in the Assembly of the Chapter Delegates of America and Asia in Mexico.
Fr. Tesfamariam Ghebrecristos Woldeghebriel: from 14 to 24 April will take part in the Continental Assembly of Europe in Pesaro. From 18 to 26 May will take part in the Assembly of the Chapter Delegates of America and Asia in Mexico. From 28 May to 5 June will participate in the episcopal consecration of Mgr. Giovanni Migliorati in Awasa, Etiopia.
Bro. Umberto Martinuzzo: from 14 to 24 April will take part in the Continental Assembly of Europe in Pesaro. From 1 to 3 May will take part in the meeting of the Brothers of the Italian Province.

General Secretariat for Vocation Promotion and Formation
Statistics 2008-2009 (Fr. Girolamo Miante)
Aspirants and Pre-postulants: 116
, with 54 seminarians (minor seminary) and 62 pre-postulants (introductory stage). We have 4 minor seminaries (1 in Mexico, 1 in Portugal, 1 in Eritrea and 1 in Mozambique) and the pre-postulancy (introductory) stage, in various modalities, is now present in many provinces and delegations of America and Africa and is doing well.
Postulants: 196, with 180 candidates for the priesthood and 16 for the Brotherhood. We have 23 postulancies (11 in Africa, 7 in America, 4 in Europe and 1 in Asia). Two postulancies are for candidates to the Brotherhood only (Layibi and Lomé). In the other postulancies the candidates are together.
Novices: 56, with 53 candidates for the priesthood and 3 for the Brotherhood. The number of newly professed this year should be 28 (27 scholastics, 1 Brother).
We have 6 novitiates: 3 in Africa (Namugongo and Lusaka for the English speaking African provinces and Cotonou for the French speaking African provinces), 1 in America (Sahuayo), 1 in Europe (Santarém) and 1 in the Philippines (Manila).
Scholastics and Brothers with temporary vows (TV): 175, with 145 scholastics and 30 Brothers. Distribution by continent: 109 from Africa (93 scholastics and 16 Brothers), 42 from America (36 scholastics and 6 Brothers), 21 from Europe (14 scholastics and 7 Brothers) and 3 from Asia (2 scholastics and 1 Brother). The provinces with most scholastics and Brothers with TV are Togo-Ghana-Benin (29), Congo (17), Uganda (14), DCA (13), Mexico (11), Poland (10), Malawi and Ethiopia (9) and Italy (8).
We have 8 scholasticates and 2 CIF (4 in America, 4 in Africa and 2 in Europe).
Last year (2007-2008), 17 confreres with TV left the Institute (15 scholastics and 2 Brothers).
Ordinations and Brother Finalists: there are 21 scholastics in missionary service who will apply for PV in view of Holy Orders in 2009 (9 from Africa, 8 from America, 2 from Asia and 2 from Europe). This year 1 Brother from Italy will make his perpetual vows. The Brother finalists in the CIF are 6 (3 in Africa, 2 in America, 1 in Europe).
In 2008 there were 15 ordinations, 3 finalist Brothers in the CIF and 1 Brother made his final profession.
Personnel: There are 155 confreres working for vocations, distributed as follows: 73 promoters (43 full-time and 30 part-time) and 82 formators (73 full-time and 9 part-time: 50 in the pre-postulancies and postulancies, 11 in the novitiates, 21 in the scholasticates/CIF).
All communities are invited to have a confrere in charge of vocations, so that vocation promotion may become a regular activity wherever we are present.
Specializations: 2 confreres (TGB and MZ), in the year 2007-2008, attended the Formators Course provided by the Gregorian University in Rome. One of them (MZ) will continue for the licentiate in spirituality. This year another confrere (KH) will follow the same procedure. Two confreres (ET and TGB) are studying Psychology (Salesian and Gregorian University in Rome). Another (CN) is following a course in Science of Education. Other confreres are following courses in other continents for a service in VP and BF.
“The Institute welcomes with gratitude those whom the Lord of the harvest calls to be apostles and heralds of the Good News. It assumes the responsibility of providing them with the elements for basic and on-going formation in view of an effective missionary service in the consecrated life” (RL 80).

On 4 December, 2008, Fr. Norberto Stonfer
defended the thesis: Studio storico-teologico delle Preces del tempo di Quaresima nella Liturgia Horarum di Paolo VI, obtaining a doctorate summa cum laude in Sacred Liturgy at the Pontifical Athenaeum of St Anselm in Rome. Congratulations.

Holy Redeemer Guild
April 01 – 15 DSP 16 – 30 E
May 01 – 07 ET 08 – 15 ER 16 – 31 IT

Prayer Intentions
- That our Comboni family may never know discouragement in the face of persecutions, toil and failures in mission and may know how to renew its faith in Christ who died on the cross and rose again. Let us pray.
May - That the Holy Spirit may lead the Comboni Missionary Sisters to continue on their journey with a renewed style of Life Consecrated to God, in order to strengthen their call to be women of hope, dialogue and reconciliation at the service of the Kingdom. Let us pray.

Fr. Giovanni Vantini
has published the book Rediscovering Christian Nubia, 2009 edition, which consists in a new revised and enlarged edition of the original book (1981) “Christianity in the Sudan”. It is published by Edizioni Nigritia Verona, and presents a simple account of events during the Christian period in Nubia (500AD - 1500 AD).


Fr. Ezechiele Ramin: an enduring memory

After 35 years of missionary work, on 22 February, 2009, the Comboni Missionaries handed over the parish of Cacoal to the diocese of Ji-Paraná, in the state of Rondonia. With a population of 100,000, the Cacoal is one of the better developed cities of Rondonia. Many Comboni Missionaries spent the best years of their lives in that parish. The bishop celebrated the event together with the three diocesan priests who will be in charge of the parish, and also the Comboni Missionaries Fr. Robert Sottara, Fr. Jaymir Bada, Fr. Mansueto Dal Maso and Fr. Alcides Costa, Provincial Superior.
The exemplary dedication of the Comboni Missionaries will never be forgotten. Nor will that of Fr. Ezechiele Ramin who gave his life in that land in 1985.
The history of the Christian community will shed light on the circumstances and the spirit of faith which brought Fr. Ramin to ignore the mortal danger present that day when he entered the land occupied both by the apparent owners and the people struggling for survival. Even today, opinions vary and memories are unclear even in the minds of some confreres who were there at the time. However, God used the death of Fr. Ezekiel to provide us Comboni Missionaries with the impetus necessary to be more generous in our commitment to justice and it is a sign of the presence of the Kingdom of God. “The World Social Forum” and that of the Comboni Missionaries, both of which were held at Belém, Pará, Brasil, proposed that this journey towards justice which is a reason why the whole Comboni Missionary Institute should increase its involvement in justice and peace, should not be abandoned.
There are many small Christian communities in that parish named after Fr. Ezekiele Ramin.
We are confident that interest in this cause shown by the diocese of Padua may result in a canonical process. The “relic’ of the shirt of Fr. Ezekiele, riddled with bullet holes and soaked in blood, will be kept at the parish of Cacoal in memory of the work of the Comboni Missionaries.
The Comboni Institute has received a notable award from the National Sanctuary of Our Lady Aparecida, 165 Km from São Paulo. The sanctuary authorities, represented by Fr. Mauro Matiazzi, informed us that the image of Fr. Ezechiele has been included in the painting of the “Great Evangelisers of Brasil”, by the artist Claudio Pastro. Others notable personalities are Hélder Camara, Chico Mendes, the Indian Galdino and Luciano Mendes de Almeida, bishop and great friend of the Comboni Missionaries, who died two years ago. The giant painting is located in the western nave of the sanctuary and shows a group of 25 personalities, witnesses to the faith and who “gave their lives for Brazil and its evangelisation, planting Christian roots in this land”. (P. Alcides Costa, 27 February, 2009)


Curia Postal Addresses

Those who use the postal address of the Curia are kindly invited to use the correct postal address when writing to the General Curia House in Rome. If the box number is used, the postal code of the post office must be given i.e. Roma EUR 00144. This code differs from the physical address of our house which is still 00142 ROMA.
Briefly, there are two addresses.
1. When using the box number:
Missionari Comboniani
C.P. 10733
Roma EUR 00144
2. When using the physical address:
Missionari Comboniani
Via Luigi Lilio 80
00142 ROMA
It is important not to confuse these two addresses. We collect the mail addressed to number 1 at the post office, whereas the mail addressed to number 2 is delivered to the house by the postman.
Thank you for your cooperation.


Provincial Assembly

From 2 to 5 March, 2009, we held our annual provincial Assembly in Josefstal to prepare for the General Chapter 2009. We underlined some important points.
Project DSP: The first part of the Assembly was dedicated to our provincial “Project DSP” with its motto “Looking at the limits, shaping a new beginning, moved by the Spirit”. Thus we took a new step together concerning the project which will take into consideration six basic issues: Commitments; personnel and structures; mission promotion; mass media; work of the Redeemer and evangelisation. This Project DSP is respecting and integrating the renewal process of the Ratio Missionis and, in due time, will implement the results of the General Chapter. Our provincial project will end in December 2010 with, we hope, well defined necessary changes within the DSP.
World Social Forum (WSF): The provincial superior reported about the World Social Forum (WSF) in Belém/Brazil, held in February-March. This huge meeting had been given the motto: “Another World is Possible”. Two important issues emerged during the Forum: Integrity of creation (this issue had a special meaning, as the event took place in the Amazonia region) and the global financial crisis (which underlines the need of a different world for all).
Comboni Social Forum (CSF): This Forum was given the motto “A New Mission is possible, necessary and urgent”. It calls for a new vision of mission.
General Chapter and other points: There followed a general introduction to the General Chapter (GC) and its main features, such as formation, government and Ratio Missionis. Then we discussed the provincial report to the Chapter. Finally, the Comboni Sisters, working in Berlin, presented their work and challenges.


Dialogue with Islam

Fr. Giuseppe Scattolin has published a book on Sufism (Islamic mysticism) in collaboration with a Moslem student whom he tutored during his degree studies. It is an anthology with around 700 pages of texts drawn from the classical Sufi period which still form the literary basis of the various Sufi movements. The book was published to coincide with the Egyptian Book Fair, the most important of the Arab world, during which there will be a public debate on this book.


Fr. Giovanni Migliorati is appointed Vicar Apostolic of Awasa

Dear Fr. Teresino Serra and members of the General Council,
Warmest greetings from Awasa. This afternoon (21 March), the news of the appointment of Fr. Giovanni Migliorati to the post of Vicar Apostolic of Awasa (succeeding Mgr. Lorenzo Ceresoli) was communicated in the presence of 34 priests and brothers working in the Vicariate and to those of us who came from Addis. As I read the message of Fr. Teresino to Fr. Migliorati in English, he was happy to see the spirit of support expressed by the Institute. Fr. Giovanni is capable, competent and zealous. Let us pray for him that the Lord may bless and help him: he will have a few crosses to carry. Thanks and best wishes for Lent and Easter. (Fr. Tesfaye Tadesse Gebresilasie)


Verona – Celebrations for Comboni’s Birthday

On 15 March, the 178th birthday anniversary of Daniel Comboni, the day was celebrated at the mother House with solemnity and the presence of special guests. One of these was Mrs. Maria José Paixão, the African Brasilian who, in 1970, at the age of ten years, given up as a hopeless case by the doctors, experienced the miraculous cure which led to the beatification of Comboni. Together with her was Sr. Maria Luigia Poli, CMS, who led the community prayers for a miracle in her community. Both of them gave moving testimony to the Comboni Missionaries and the many friends present of her illness and her cure. At present, Mrs Maria José Paixão, married and with two children, lives at Romano d’Ezzelino (Vicenza), grateful to God and to Comboni.
On Sunday, 15 March, the parishes of Costalunga and Brognoligo, in Verona Province but diocese of Vicenza, celebrated Comboni’s anniversary and hung pictures of him in their churches. This gesture is due to the parish priest, Fr. Mario Costalunga, a former Fidei Donum Missionary in Brasil – he also has a sister among the Comboni Sisters in Sudan, Sr. Lina Maria. At the Costalunga church the Comboni Missionaries celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Fr. Francesco Magagnotto.
More than a hundred years ago, a marble bust of Comboni by the artist Poli, was placed above the side door of Verona Cathedral with an inscription in Latin. Some weeks ago, a stand with leaflets in four languages, providing information about St. Daniel Comboni to visitors, was added below that monument.

New Display at the Mother House
On 15 March, a new display entitled Comboni – a single passion! was inaugurated on the ground floor of the Mother House to illustrate the work of the Founder and the mission of the Comboni Missionaries today. It consists of 25 panels (1.80m x1.80m) using modern material and graphics bearing a number of photos with appropriate information, comments and captions. The production, well received both by confreres and visitors, is due to the efforts of a number of people: the local community, the CCM community, members of the Provincial and General administrations, visiting confreres, laypeople and various technicians. All available means were used for this “work with 200 voices”: ideas, suggestions, criticism, developments during production, the choice of photos and texts and consultations with the local community and other groups. Nothing of importance was decided upon without broad consultation.
The panels are fixed but these may also be moved elsewhere, if so desired; provision is also made for updating the statistics given. Among these are the details regarding Veronese Comboni Missionaries (date of birth, province, diocese or residence) who, on 1 March, 2009, numbered 96 living and 111 deceased.
Some requests for partial or complete copies of the display have been received, something which is quite possible, technically. Come and see.


International warrant

On 4 March, the International Penal Court (IPC) issued a warrant for the arrest of the President of Sudan, Omer Hassan al Bashir, who is accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The context is that of the war in Darfur which caused around 300,000 deaths and caused almost three million people to seek shelter in refugee camps within Sudan or in Chad.
As expected, the reaction on the part of the government and Sudanese society in general has been negative, not so much regarding the facts but rather because the arrest of the president (this is the first time a president has been incriminated while in office) may somehow offend the dignity of the whole country and could have unforeseeable political consequences. African and Arab countries have expressed solidarity with the president. They accuse the Court of being a mere tool of the Americans and western countries and of being unnecessarily severe in dealing with African countries.
Following the warrant, the government expelled thirteen foreign and three Sudanese NGOs, accusing them of having collaborated with the IPC. This move has been criticised by many people even within Sudan, especially the SPLA, because of its consequences for the people assisted by those organisations. The government responded with assurances that it would take responsibility for those affected, either directly or through NGOs based in Sudan or in other Arab countries.
The Church has been repeatedly asked for a statement regarding these events. The words of Mgr. Rudolf Deng Majak, Bishop of Wau and president of the Conference of Bishops, of Mgr. Daniel Adwok, Auxiliary Bishop of Khartoum and those of Cardinal Gabriel Zubeir Wako were reported in the newspapers. The bishops said nothing regarding the warrant but spoke of a broader issue. The problem, they said, is that the price being paid by the people of Darfur cannot be ignored. The people are suffering and dying: neither the government, the rebels nor the international community should continue to close their eyes to this great tragedy.
On 13 March, Cardinal Zubeir Wako celebrated Mass in Khartoum Cathedral during which he invited the Christian community to pray for peace. Problems are not solved, he said, by public demonstrations but by working seriously for peace. He also called for conversion in the spirit of Lent. “We speak of peace”, he said, “but we do not act like people of peace; corruption, tribalism, violence and injustice of all kinds do not build up peace”.


Golden Jubilee of Priesthood

Fr. José Oscar Flores López, the first Mexican Comboni missionary, has celebrated fifty years of priestly life, almost all of which he spent among the Acholi, Karimojong and Toposa of Uganda and Sudan. Despite his bad health, Fr. José was visibly happy and still full of missionary zeal. He was accompanied by family members, several diocesan priests of Ensenada and Tijuana, by the Comboni Missionaries Fr. James Donald Francez and Fr. Juan Apolinar Palomar Alcántar, by two Comboni Lay Missionary Women and a substantial group of friends. The celebration took place in Ensenada Cathedral, the town in which his vocation matured, even from his childhood. The bishop, Mgr. Sigifredo Noriega Barceló was present at the celebration and also during refreshments and invited those present to imitate the example of Fr. José by increasing individually their missionary commitment as Baptised people, in order to respond with generosity to the gift received.
As the Eucharistic celebration commenced, Fr. Rafael González Ponce, Provincial of the Comboni Missionaries, congratulated Fr. José for the three gifts he received during his long life: the Christian life, the priesthood of Christ and the missionary vocation. “St. Daniel Comboni and whole villages of poor people are celebrating with you – said Fr. Rafael – because you spent your years at their side during times of war, drought and famine, striving with them for a future worthy of the children of God”.
From the missionary point of view, meaningful was the presence of the Ugandan Ambassador to France and Spain, who is also the Ugandan representative to UNESCO, Mrs. Elizabeth Paula Napeyok, who came especially for the celebrations in honour of Fr. José. Mrs Napeyok was educated and baptised by the Comboni Missionaries and Comboni Sisters. With beautiful simplicity she added a touch of quality to the feast when she was interviewed by the media, saying, “I have come to represent Africa and to say thank you to Fr. José for all he has done for us; the missionaries are our life, especially in times of trouble’.


2009: A year of anniversaries

2009 is a year of anniversaries in the NAP. The Comboni Missionaries came to the United States 70 years ago and have fostered the charism of St. Daniel Comboni from 1939 to the present through vocations to the Institute, pastoral care, youth programs, mission appeals, mission promotion and justice and peace advocacy. Though not established in the United States as long as other Institutes, such as the Franciscans and Maryknolls, the Comboni name has been planted firmly in 7 states and Canada through a long-standing physical presence in service to the poorest and most abandoned native Americans, African Americans, Hispanics, displaced Appalachian Americans and other whites in poor urban areas. The name has spread and taken root in the hearts of mission-minded people throughout the country who support the Comboni Missionaries through prayer, financial support, and volunteerism.
Cincinnati - As a way of announcing the 70th anniversary, the Cincinnati Mission Center held a festival on 15 March in honor of St. Daniel Comboni’s birth. The theme of the festival was strongly Irish, chosen because St. Patrick’s Day has become a symbol for community spirit. The festival had as its main purpose to reach out to the Cincinnati community, draw people in, and connect with them in a personal way. Well over 300 people attended and many had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with Comboni priests, staff, and volunteers. This year’s 70th anniversary festival is, we hope, the beginning of an annual affair that will benefit both the Comboni Missionaries and the Cincinnati community.
Los Angeles - Also the St. Cecilia community is celebrating its centennial year. Founded in 1909, this parish has been served by nine Comboni Missionaries since July 1997. Fr. Xavier M. C. Colleoni, the present parish priest, ministers to a parish now comprised of three main cultural groups: the Igbo from Nigeria, the US Americans, and the Hispanics. The Comboni Missionaries have left their mark and work, not only in the church, but also on the streets, in the homes, and in the hearts of those they have met. On the opening day of the centennial, Fr. Xavier blessed a wooden statue of St. Cecilia, placed in a small shrine built for it in the gardens of the church.
In the spirit of Comboni charism, the St. Cecilia community welcomes diversity of cultures and manifestations of faith. In the church, one will find el Cristo de Esquipulas, called the Black Christ, or the Cristo mojado, from Guatemala; el Divino Salvador del Mundo, from El Salvador; Nuestra Señora de Juquila and Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, both from Oaxaca, Mexico; Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, from Mexico; Blessed Cyprian Michael Irene Tansi, from Nigeria, Africa; and the Immaculate Conception, Patroness of the United States.
Blue Island, Illinois - St. Donatus Church is another parish celebrating a centennial. For years, the focus of ministry was to Italian immigrants. Today the parish is a blend of old Italian and newer Hispanic families who, together, fill the church to capacity at Sunday liturgies. The Comboni Missionaries have served this parish since 1990. The centennial will have its main celebration in August in connection with the parish’s annual week-long festival and the feast of St. Donatus.


Fr. Pietro Rossi
(23.01.1914 – 01.02.2009)
Fr. Antonio Santinoli (16.06.1923 – 14.02.2009)
Fr. Anton Dettling (30.12.1913 – 19.02.2009)
Fr. Mario Piotti (15.07.1927 – 27.02.2009)
Fr. Albrecht Wintermantel (01.11.1916 – 10.03.2009)

Fr. Arcangelo Petri (11.11.1924 – 27.03.2009)
Fr. Gianni Pacher (09.03.1954 – 30.03.2009)
Their obituary will appear in the next issue of Familia Comboniana.

Let us pray for our beloved dead
: Felisa, of Mgr. Miguel Angel Sebastián Martínez (TC).
THE BROTHERS: Eusebio, of Bro. Luis Gil Davila (CO); Wilhelm, of Fr. Eduard Falk (PE); Tarcisio, of Fr. Pietro Bracelli (BS).
THE SISTERS: Tullia, of Fr. Gilberto Bettini (U); Paola, of Fr. Corrado Masini (I).
THE COMBONI MISSIONARY SISTERS: Sr. Pia Marcazzan, Sr. Marianilla Vecelli; Sr. Gianna Maria Meloni.


January – March Provincial preparation for the Chapter
9 March Consulta
April - May All the provincial reports must be prepared by 31 May
Pre-Capitular Continental Assemblies
14 – 24 April Europe: (at Pesaro) (I): Fr. Teresino Serra, Bro. Umberto Martinuzzo, P. Tesfamariam G. W.
03 – 15 May Francophone Africa: at Lomé (T): Fr. Odelir José Magri
06 – 17 May Anglophone Africa: at Lusaka (Z): Fr. Baldan Fabio Carlo
18 – 26 May America: at Xochimilco (M): Fr. Tesfamariam G. W.
June Consulta
Pre-capitular Commission: Synthesis phase in Rome to produce an Instrumentum Laboris
Monday 31 Arrival of the Chapter members in Rome; in the evening, presentation of the members, notices etc.
Tuesday 1 day of retreat directed by the Salesian Superior General, Fr. Pascal Chávez Villanueva, on the theme of consecrated life and mission.
Wednesday 2 till Facilitators present a Biblical-theological
Thursday 3 - 13.00 conference on mission
Thursday 3 till Our former Superiors General since 1979
Saturday 5 are invited to the Chapter and will be given a
at 13.00hrs half day each. The Superior General of the
Comboni Missionary Sisters
Sunday 6 September
At 9.00 hrs Solemn Mass to open the XVII General Ordinary Special Chapter.
Familia Comboniana n. 663