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Secretary General

As already announced in the July/August issue of FC, there will be a meeting of the General Administration with all circumscription superiors (26) from 9 to 23 February, 2014, at the Generalate in Via Luigi Lilio, Rome. Consequently, the house will be full at that time. Confreres and others are asked not to seek hospitality there during those two weeks in February.

Missionaries in Pope Francis’ Time

On Saturday, 20 July, 2013, announcing the meeting of Pope Francis with the clergy of Rome, planned for 16 September next, L’Osservatore Romano, the official newspaper of the Holy See, also published the full version of the letter “Being missionaries in Pope Francis’ Time”, by Fr. Enrique Sánchez González, our Superior General. As we know, the letter was published in the July edition of the MCCJ Bulletin and is also available on our website.

Anniversary of the Canonisation of Comboni

On 5 October, this year, there recurs the tenth anniversary of the canonisation of our Founder. To assist the confreres to celebrate this event worthily, Father General has sent us all a letter in which he invites us to imitate the holiness of Comboni.

The letter is on our website in Spanish, Italian, English and French.

Digital archives

Bro. Mario Camporese created digital (PDF) files of many of the writings of Comboni, among which are the Annuario Comboniano from 1896 to 2005. A list of these files, updated to 23 August, 2013, is placed at the end of this issue of FC.


Coordinator of Justice and Peace and Integrity of Creation

CLM open a Website

On 10 October, 2013, the official Website of the Comboni Lay Missionaries (CLM), in seven languages, will be opened. It will be possible to access the Blog and a Moodle Platform with contents of specific formation for the members. Today, the CLM number about four hundred, worldwide, of whom forty are working overseas while others are preparing to go abroad.

Besides helping to know about CLM activities in various countries of America, Africa and Europe, the website will carry information on the situations of these countries and personal experiences and testimonies from different places in the mission, reflections on the spirituality of the CLM, on music, videos and courses of formation which are open to all.

Post for South Sudan

In the June issue of FC, we noted that post for Juba (RSS) (and everything sent to P O Box 148) has been held up at Khartoum for several months now. The Province of South Sudan therefore requests that no post be sent to any of the missions in South Sudan until the North ceases its policy of obstructionism towards Juba.

The Province of South Sudan has agreed with the community of New People Media Centre in Nairobi that they will accept and forward all mail addressed to the communities of South Sudan. Please send all correspondence to: Comboni Missionaries South Sudan, C/O New People Media Centre, P.O. Box 21681, 00505 NAIROBI – KENYA.

Perpetual professions

Sc. Albarina Moisés Rellon (A)

Kacheliba (KE)


Sc. Lipenga Patrick Elias (MZ)

Kachebere (MW)


Sc. Rafael Gemelli Vigolo (BS)

Porto Velho (BR)


Sc. Gamende Aubert (CA)

Dékoa (RCA)


Ordinations to the priesthood

Fr. Torres Cobos Pablo Gabriel (M)

Tuxtepec (MEX)


Fr. Plinga Menguo-Mana (Job) (T)

Lomé (TG)


Fr.Simtokena Sa’akaha Baènayem (Kevin) (T)

Lomé (TG)


Fr. Sekyiamah Hammond Kojo (John) (T)

Accra (GH)


Fr. Agboli John Hanson P. Kudjo (T)

Accra (GH)


Holy Redeemer Guild

September           01 – 15 NAP             16 – 30 PE

October                01 – 15 P                  16 – 31 RSA

Prayer Intentions

September – That all the young people in formation in our Institutes may allow themselves to be led by the Spirit of Christ and by their formators; may they be fascinated by the beauty and greatness of their call to evangelise the poorest and most abandoned. Lord hear us.

October – That, through the intercession of St. Daniel Comboni, there may be an increase, especially in the Comboni Family, in the number and quality of those who receive the call to dedicate themselves entirely to the proclamation of the Gospel. Lord hear us.


Fr. Pietro Ravasio, Una vita per il dialogo ecumenico. Padre Pio Ferrari. Comboniano 1910-1970, Rome, July, 2013. Fr. Ravasio remembers his confrere Fr. Pio Ferrari, 43 years after his death. “The desire to hand on the memory of Fr. Pio Ferrari grew in me soon after his unexpected death”, Fr. Ravasio writes in the introduction to his book. “In the history of the Institute Fr. Pio is still a unique ‘model’ as the witness of one whose life was dedicated to the ecumenical cause of the Orthodox Church in Ethiopia and Eritrea. He deserves the title of ‘model’ – attributed to but a few members of the Institute – because he not only sponsored a life of unity between the Churches but also lived his life in prayer, the celebration of the oriental liturgy and frequent fasts that amazed many people both in the Comboni community and in the society of the Orthodox Church in which he lived”.

Fr. Romeo Ballan, Taita Andrés, “Dios habla por las fechas”, Editorial Mundo Negro, Madrid 2013. “To write a biography of Fr. Andrés Riedl, Taita Andrés, as the Peruvian Indians called him, was a long-overdue debt waiting to be paid, ‘given the importance of his life and work’, as was emphasised at his arrival in Peru, fifty years previously, with two congenial fellow-travellers, Frs. Luis (Alois L. Ipfelkofer) and Miguel (Michael Wagner). In 2013, the Comboni Missionaries are celebrating 75 years of their evangelising presence in the Americas; the profile of one of these three pioneers may make a modest contribution to this happy anniversary”. These words, taken from Fr. Ballan’s introduction to the book, serve to present this book, an accurate biography of almost 500 pages of “A Tyrolese Comboni missionary in Germany, Spain and Peru”.

Fr. Giuseppe De Feo, Quello che resta, Delta 3 ed., 2013, or “personalities, events and reflections that shaped my life as a Christian, priest and missionary” as the author writes in the subtitle. That which enlivens and animates these memories is the missionary spirit constantly permeating them: a gallery of personalities who witness by their lives to the victory of love. €10.


Authors who speak of Brazil: Fr. Dario Bossi

Ahead of World Youth Day, EMI publishers presented some of its authors, Brazilian either by birth or “by adoption”. One of these is Fr. Dario Bossi who has worked in Maranhao since 2007 where he is engaged in coordinating the campaign “On the track of justice.”

Fr. Dario has published Il prezzo del ferro (The price of iron), EMI (2010), co-authored with Francesco Gesualdi. The book tells the story of the misdeeds of Vale multinational in buying up iron, mined in Brazil and then sold worldwide, and the reaction of the network of popular resistance opposed to it.

It was the Comboni community of Brazil Nordeste who first pointed out the social and environmental damage caused by Vale. These missionaries heard the daily cries of those falling sick due to pollution or being crushed by the company trains, those working like slaves making charcoal or who lost their jobs because no longer able to work, and they could not keep silent being witnesses of the kingdom of God, a kingdom of love, justice and peace. Their words of condemnation gave rise to the campaign “On the track of justice”, which has now spread worldwide and is shared by the victims of other multinationals in other countries such as Mozambique, Peru, Canada, Indonesia and others. A support group has also been formed in Italy.


Perpetual vows and ordination to the diaconate of Rafael Vígolo

The Brazilian Comboni scholastic, Rafael Gemelli Vigolo, made his perpetual profession on 9 August at Porto Velho, Rondonia-Brazil, where he is doing his missionary service. The following day he was ordained deacon by Archbishop Esmeraldo Barreto de Farias, at the community of Nostra Signora Aparecida, in Baixo Madeira. It was a beautiful celebration under a ‘cathedral’ of mango trees, on the banks of the Madeira River. It was attended by many people from Porto Velho, the local community and further afield. Both celebrations were well participated and the Provincial Fr. Alcides Costa, said in conclusion: “May this celebration of the ordination to the diaconate and the gift of Rafael to the service of mission, serve as a stimulus to many young people who are seeking to give meaning to their lives.”


Let us not run away!

Élia Gomes, a Portuguese lay Comboni missionary who has been working for three years at Mongoumba, in the Central African republic, tells how insecurity and fear have gripped the whole country.

“There are weapons everywhere. Hardly a day passes without shooting being heard, especially in the capital, despite the presence of the Multinational Forces of Central Africa (MFCA), assisted by the French, in patrolling the city”. In solidarity with the people of Central Africa, she intends to remain in the country.

“Four months after the coup in RCA, the number of soldiers of the Seleka movement increased from six thousand to twenty five thousand. Many of the public services do not function, the banks have no money and employees are not being paid.

Looting continues throughout the country. Despite the efforts of some NGOs who, running the risk of being killed or having their vehicles stolen, try to go to the help of the worst hit districts, there are still many health centres that have run out of medicine and many people who lack basic foodstuffs. All this has caused an increase in poverty and undernourishment, especially among children.

Panic and fear give rise to irrational behaviour. Many families in Mongoumba have sought refuge in the forest and move there with all their belongings, including their chickens and pigs. We, too, at the mission, are afraid but we do not want to flee, preferring to stay together in mutual support and praying together. We have been left completely cut off with no possibility of entering or leaving the localities and with no telephones working.

It is not easy to reach the capital but, thank God, we succeeded in doing so. We do not know if this is because we are white or missionaries. Whatever the reason, to get through the roadblocks we would just smile and say that ‘we are the Fathers and Sisters of Mongoumba’. And it worked, as can be seen”.


The Church of the Uganda Martyrs, Rome

In Rome, at the church of the “Martyrs of Uganda”, there is a display of photographs showing a visit organised by the missionary group of the parish to the shrine of the Uganda Martyrs in Uganda. The display is born of the martyrdom of these young men and of the fruits of the work of the missionaries in a land fertile to evangelisation, which produced its own courageous heroes and witnesses.

By means of photographic documentation, the display tells the story, in 22 chapters, of the young and energetic people of Uganda who are building up their future with the help of the Christian faith. It is entitled “Uganda, establishing the roots of our history”, because it is from there that this parish community in Rome was born.

Fr. Torquato Paolucci, who worked for more than thirty years in Uganda, lent his active cooperation to the visit of the mission group and gave his personal testimony. The account given by Fr. Torquato enabled the parishioners to better understand the situation, documented by the images, from the religious and, especially, the human point of view.


Provincial Assembly

The Comboni missionaries of Central America (DCA) gathered for their provincial assembly from 15 to 19 July, at the retreat house of the Most Holy Trinity in El Salvador, to evaluate the progress made up to then and to plan the second part of the activities of the 2011 – 2016 six-year plan.

The DCA has been made a Province; for this reason, the changes required by this new situation are being carried out. The procedure for the election of the first Provincial Superior and the four councillors of the new province has been started. Fr. Antonio Villarino, Assistant General, attended the meeting as part of his official visit to the new province from 10 July to 6 August.


Meeting of Comboni Bishops in Germany

Twelve Comboni bishops met from 15 to 22 July for their yearly exchange of experiences, this time at Nuremberg, in Germany, at the Provincial House.

The bishops were from Witbank (South Africa), Huánuco (Peru), Esmeraldas (Ecuador), Bangassou (Republic of Central Africa), Kotido and Lira (Uganda), the Vicariate Apostolic of Northern Arabia, Hawassa (Ethiopia), Cittadella (Italy, Bishop Emeritus of El Obeid), Laï and Doba (Chad) and Tilarán (Costa Rica).

Various dioceses, initiated and developed by Comboni bishops, are now independent local Churches which are not only governed by local people but also send out their own missionaries ad gentes. The bishops exchanged their experiences and difficulties of all sorts from economic troubles to those related to armed conflicts and religious discriminations.

The Archbishop of Bamberg, Mgr. Ludwig Schick, took the opportunity provided by the presence of the prelates in his diocese to visit them and share some important and significant concerns of the Church in Germany.


Perpetual Vows

On Sunday, 14 July, Sch. Moisés Albarina Rellon consecrated his whole life with perpetual vows of chastity, poverty and obedience in the Institute of the Comboni Missionaries. The celebration took place in Kacheliba Mission, Pökot, Diocese of Kitale.

The celebration was presided over by Fr. Filipe Miguel Oliveira Resende, local superior. The celebration was well animated by the choir of Kacheliba parish as well as the many Christians of Kacheliba who filled the church to its full capacity. A great number of students participated actively in the animation of the celebration. Moisés himself, one week beforehand, gave a vocational talk to the secondary students of Kacheliba, motivating them and explaining to them the meaning of religious missionary consecration.

During the celebration, Fr. Filipe referred to the meaning of the vows being taken by Moisés, challenging the youth present to let themselves also be touched by God who might be calling them.

Moisés has been a member of the Kacheliba Community for his missionary service since June 2012 and has been much appreciated by the youth and Christians for his ever joyful presence and enjoyable character. He received the diaconate on 27 July, again in Kacheliba Mission, at the hands of the Bishop of Kitale, Mgr. Maurice Crowley.


Card. Gabriel Zubeir Wako 50 years of priesthood

From 19 to 21 July, 2013, with three days of vibrant celebrations, the faithful of the Archdiocese of Khartoum joined their beloved pastor, Cardinal Gabriel, to thank God for the gift of his 50 years of priestly service. The celebration took place in a rather difficult moment of the life of the Church in Sudan. The joyful and large participation of faithful during the whole three days program certainly contributed in encouraging and cheering hearts.

Meditations, reflections and testimonies about the life of Cardinal Gabriel, so deeply intertwined with the life of the Sudanese Church and of the country, have helped the people gathered for the occasion to cast a glance over the years gone by. Challenges never crushed the faith of the Christian community who have found in the sure guidance of their shepherd and through his ministry the consoling presence of God. On the basis of this long experience, Cardinal Gabriel invited the Christians to look to the future with optimism: “50 years have passed, but hope endures. Hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given us!”

The authorities of the countries joined the celebration. The Second Vice-president praised the engagement of Card. Zubeir for peace in the Sudan and gave assurances of the Government’s commitment to guarantee freedom of religion and an atmosphere of togetherness. The Superior General of the Comboni Missionaries sent a message of congratulations, thanking His Eminence for his concern for the growth of the Church in Sudan, the beloved mission land of St. Daniel Comboni, and assured him of the prayers of the Comboni Institute.


Silver Jubilee of Priesthood

On Saturday, 13 July, Fr. Pedro Ordoñez Espinoza celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood in Tlapacoyan, his native city, in the state of Veracruz. Fr. Pedro presided at the ceremony, accompanied by a number of diocesan clergy, one of whom was his uncle, Fr. Francisco Ordoñez, as well as some priests of his home town and others who had been his seminary companions. The Provincial Superior and members of the communities of the Province were also present as were his mother, his sisters and some of his brothers.

Around one thousand people attended the Mass and slightly fewer took part in the meal and the festivities that took place at the school Institute of the Religious Sisters of the Incarnate Word, where Fr Pedro went to primary school.

Fr Pedro is Parish Priests of the parish of Blessed John Paul II, in the outskirts of Cabo San Lucas, in Lower California.

Ordination to the priesthood

For thirty eight years now, various Christian communities and parishes of the present diocese of Tuxtepec, Oaxaca, have been entrusted to the pastoral care of the Comboni Missionaries, the most recent being the parish of the Holy Spirit in the outskirts of Tuxtepec. It was handed over to the diocesan clergy about three years ago. The last Comboni Parish Priest was Fr. Lauro Betancourt, at present in Kenya.

It was this same parish, in the care of Fr. Hugo Nieto, that organised the ordination and first Mass of Fr. Pablo Gabriel Torres Cobos, a native of the city. Fr. Pablo was ordained on Thursday, 18 July, 2013, by Mgr. José Antonio Fernández Hurtado, Bishop of Tuxtepec, in the presence of 21 concelebrants and about 2,500 people, many of them youths. The ceremony had been preceded by a week of missionary animation in the 28 communities of the parish. On the following day, the newly-ordained priest celebrated his first Mass at the parish church, with twelve concelebrants, both diocesan and Comboni, with a congregation of 600 people of the parish and further afield, including the City of Cabo San Lucas, where Pablo carried out his missionary service.


Visit of the Superior General

With joy and gratitude the province has welcomed the Superior General, Fr. Enrique Sanchez, on his first official visit to the Province of Malawi-Zambia. Having arrived in Malawi on 16 July, Fr. Enrique received the perpetual vows of the scholastic Patrick Lipenga and had a general meeting with the confreres on 17 July, at Kachebere seminary. The Superior General also had the opportunity to attend the Provincial Council meeting at the provincial house in Lilongwe and to take part in the ordination to the diaconate of Patrick Lipenga. During his stay, Fr. Enrique visited all the communities of the province.

Provincial retreat, perpetual vows and diaconate

During this year, 2013, during which we celebrate 40 years of missionary presence in Malawi and Zambia, there are some important events which are source of special spiritual blessings for all of us. Among these, we count the visit of the Superior General, the provincial retreat, the perpetual vows and the diaconate of Patrick Lipenga.

The provincial retreat, which took place at Kachebere seminary, from 9 to 16 July, was preached by Fr. Antonio Guarino and was attended by almost all the confreres of our province. It was indeed a special moment of communion with God and of thanksgiving for the many graces received and for the work of evangelization done by Comboni missionaries in Malawi and Zambia during these past 40 years.

On Saturday, 20 July, Patrick Lipenga, who studied theology in Kinshasa and did the missionary service in Malawi, was ordained deacon in Msamba Parish, Lilongwe, by His Grace Remi Sainte-Marie, Archbishop of Lilongwe. Many Christians and Comboni friends, together with Fr. Enrique Sanchez, confreres, diocesan priests and sisters took part in this joyful celebration, well prepared by the leaders and the Christian communities of the parish. The Archbishop expressed his appreciation for the good work carried out by the Comboni Missionaries in the Archdiocese of Lilongwe and also in Malawi and Zambia. He invited the Christians to emulate the example of many Comboni Missionaries who have worked in Malawi for the past 40 years.


Pilgrimage of the Comboni Family

In Fatima, on Saturday, 27 July, 2013, at the Paul VI Pastoral Centre, the annual meeting-point of the Comboni Family, more than two thousand people gathered from all parts of the country, but mostly from the areas where the Comboni Missionary Fathers, Brothers and Sisters have their communities. The theme chosen for the meeting this year was “Like Comboni, live and pass on the faith”.

Various groups of young people connected to the GIM (Youth in Mission), set out on foot from various parts of the country and reached Fatima on the eve of the great gathering. One of the promoters of this initiative, which has been held annually for the past nine years, was Fr. João Rodrigues da Costa, originally from Vila Pouca de Aguiar, and who is now working in Doba, in Chad. Since he happened to be on holiday in Portugal at the time, he joined the group of young people.

On the Saturday afternoon, the Missionary Rosary was recited in the Chapel of the Apparitions and this was followed by a procession to the Basilica of the Blessed Trinity where a solemn Eucharist was celebrated, presided by Fr. José da Silva Vieira, newly arrived from South Sudan.


Missionaries call for the abolition of the death penalty

The Comboni Missionaries working in South Sudan, together with the Comboni Sisters, Amnesty International and other organizations present in the country, have signed a letter requesting the President of the Republic, Salva Kiir Mayardit, to abolish the death penalty and commute that of those already sentenced to death.

The initiative was undertaken following the celebration of the second anniversary of the Independence of South Sudan, on July 9. The petitioners hope that the President, government and parliament will promote a law that defends and respects human life.

Post for South Sudan We wish to remind our readers once again to send all correspondence for South Sudan to the following address: Comboni Missionaries South Sudan, C/O New People Media Centre, P.O. Box 21681, 00505 NAIROBI – KENYA.


23 August 20013



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Let us pray for our beloved dead

THE FATHER: Michel, of Fr. Bernard Megnihoue Codjo (U).

THE BROTHERS: Vittorio, of Bro. Luciano Giacomelli (I); Carlo, of Bro. Mario Pariani (†).

THE COMBONI MISSIONARY SISTERS: Sr. Elvira Baresi; Sr. M. Gabriella Brignoli; Sr. M. Gianna Meregalli; Sr. Pieradele Gini; Sr. M. Gesualda McAuley.