Monday, November 24, 2014
The European council for basic formation and vocations promotion met in Nuremberg from 11 to 12 November 2014. Those who took part were Fr. John Baptist Keraryo Opargiw, secretary-general of formation, Fr. Karl Peinhopf, European coordinator of the sector, Fr. Leonel Rodrigues Claro (Portugal), Fr. Maciej Miasik (Poland), Bro. Friedbert Tremmel (Germany) and Bro. Alberto Degan (Italy).

During the meeting of the European council for basic formation and vocations promotion, after a moment of sharing on the situation of the different Circumscriptions in Europe, the Council perused through the Final Document of the Formation Assembly of Granada July 7-17, 2014, and highlighted a number of priorities, which will be submitted to the Provincials of Europe. “A vote of thanks to Fr. Karl Peinhopf and to all the confreres of the DSP for the warm welcome they gave us”, said Fr. John Baptist at the end of the meeting. The next Continental Formation Assembly will be held in Nuremberg from July 5-13, 2016.

Bro. Alberto Degan (Italy), Fr. Karl Peinhopf (DSP-Germany), Bro. Friedbert Tremmel (DSP-Germany),
Fr. John Baptist Keraryo Opargiw (Rome), Fr. Leonel Rodrigues Claro (Portugal) and Fr. Maciej Miasik (Poland).