A new international Comboni lay community is starting up in Kenya


Thursday, April 14, 2022
Already for some years the Comboni Lay Missionaries (CLM) have been thinking of opening an international community in Kenya. To meet this desire, the Comboni Missionaries are finishing the construction of a house in Kitelakapel (Kacheliba Parish), among the Pokot, which will welcome the lay missionaries. With the arrival of Linda Micheletti, an Italian lay woman and Josephine Loree, CLM from Kenya, this dream is beginning to become a reality. Now we are waiting for more candidates who can go and make community with Linda and Josephine.

‘Subira huvuta heri’ is a Swahili expression meaning, good things come to those who wait. Thursday, 7th April 2022, and Linda Micheletti our long awaited guest is finally here! We are extremely delighted that she has finally arrived. Culturally, we hold family values and welcoming guests high, so we are beyond happy to welcome our guest to our growing family the CLM of Kenya.

House that will accommodate the Comboni Lay Missionaries in Kitelakapel (Kacheliba Parish), among the Pokot, in Kenya.

The Comboni Lay Missionaries in Kenya are a small group composed of four members having completed their formation in December. Others are still in formation. The group meets monthly in Nairobi and is also setting up a community in Kitelakapel which has been boosted by the arrival of Linda. Linda together with Josephine will be the first members of the community.

We are happy that our family is growing and look forward to welcoming even more members in the future!