The Coordination Team for the II Comboni Forum
The Brazil Nord Este Province & the Coordinator Team of Comboni Forum of Belém 2009, announce that the inscription to our Comboniano Forum are closed and explain rule for the inscription to World Social Forum.
São Luis, 31.08.2008

To all the participants/delegates of the II Comboni Forum

Dear friends,
Finally, we are sending you, to your consideration, the 4th communication of the II Comboni Forum (CF) 2009:
1. Participants
According to what had been previously communicated, the inscriptions for the II Comboni Forum (CF) have closed on August 15th. Up to this date, we got the inscriptions of:
- 03 CL (Comboni Lay)
- 09 CLM (Comboni Lay Missionaries)
- 12 CMS (Comboni Missionaries Sisters)
- 05 Scholastics (São Paulo)
- 47 MCCJ (Comboni Missionaries – including the representative of the General Direction).
- 02 Assessors/Facilitators (Fr. Francesco Pierli, Comboni, and Fr. Marcelo Barros, Benedictine).

Total: 78 participants. Please, find in attachment a list with the names and contacts.

2. Youth in the World Social Forum

Besides the Comboni Missionaries (Fathers, Sisters, and Laity) that will be participating in the II CF, there will also be 15 young people from the Comboni pastoral communities around the Brasil Nordeste (BNE) provincial area, and others 05 Italians young people that have been following the Justiça nos Trilhos Campaign. They will be accompanied by members of the CEJUPAZ - Centro da Juventude para a Paz (The Youth Centre for Peace), an organisation that belongs to the Brasil Nordeste province. We are looking for a way to facilitate an interaction with these youth at some point of the II CF, for we consider it to be a privileged occasion for missionary and vocational animation!

3. Inscriptions for the World Social Forum

A reserved place in the II CF does not mean an automatic inscription of the participants in the WSF. For a full participation in this larger Forum, each one must do their individual inscription and pay the correspondent inscription fee. The site of the 2009 WSF in the Amazon is in an updating process. Over the next couple of weeks (from the first fifteen days of September onward) the inscription season will be open. For this, we recommend to follow the updating of our site and blog on the Forum:

In case of any doubt, please do not hesitate in contacting the coordination of the II CF.

4. Visa to foreigners

Due to the a high demand for tourist visa by the thousands of WSF participants, we can foresee that the Brazilians Embassies and Consulates abroad are going to face a kind of saturation with the proceedings for applying for visas. Therefore, we highly recommend the participants that may need a visa for entry in Brazil to start immediately the proceedings for requiring a visa. Information about the countries exempt of visa for entry in Brazil is found in the following links of the Brazilian Ministry for Foreigners Affairs:

In case of any doubt or if you require any special document for grant a visa, please contact the coordination team of the II CF in good time.

5. Pre-Comboni Forum Interaction and the Program

The richness of the II Comboni Forum lies in the active participation of all of us. That should begin before the date set for the meeting. So, we are preparing another form that will help us to collect more data of the profile of each participant to favour the exchange of experiences between themselves. This should facilitate and prepare us for a better intermeshing a long the meeting.

We inform that the two assessors/facilitators Fr. Francesco Pierli (Comboni) and Fr. Marcelo Barros (Benedictine) have confirmed their participation.

The coordination team, having collected the various suggestions coming from the many provinces and delegations, and after having met the Brasil Sul province, is now about to conclude the program. With the next communication we shall send you a synthesis of all the discussions as well as the theme and motto of the II Comboni Forum. Meanwhile, we send you in attachment some proposals of a possible logo. We are expecting your suggestions and contributions.

6. Coordination and contacts

Due to many others activities related to the organisation and accompaniment of the Justiça nos Trilhos Campaign, the BNE Provincial Council has asked Fr. Dario Bossi and Br. Antonio Soffientini to dedicate themselves entirely to this purpose and to delegate the coordination of the II CF to Fr. Gustavo Covarrubias and to the others members designated to collaborate. For this reason, in order to facilitate the exchange of communication, we kindly ask you to send all your correspondence (e-mails) by using the II CF official e-mail address: Many thanks for your comprehension!
All the Best!
Let us be united and certain that another mission is possible!
In the Heart of Jesus and in the charisma of Comboni,

The Coordination Team for the II Comboni Forum
Fr. Gustavo Covarrubias, Fr. Raimundo Rocha, Barbara Ludewig e Sr. Olga Estela Sanchez.
News Letter N°4 – August 2008