Comboni Missionaries indignant over dire consequences for migrants


Rome, Saturday, 6 October 2012
The News Service of the Comboni Missionaries – North American Province (NAP)
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At their recent Intercapitular Assembly in Rome in September, the Comboni Missionaries issued a statement “manifesting our deep emotion and indignation for the premature death of so many of our migrant brothers and sisters in the waters of the Mediterranean.” They referred specifically to the senseless September 6th shipwreck of a boat transporting 130 Tunisians from North Africa to Italy.
Their statement asks for: (1) more effective and operative systems of search and rescue; (2) political reform in favor of legal immigrants, without denying or violating the rights of migrants in irregular situations; (3) increased forms of dialogue among migrants especially those who come from realities, cultures and religions different from our own; and (4) a new model of citizenship based on respect, sharing and recognition of the dignity of the life of migrants. Read more.

Enclosed is the October 2012 digital version of Comboni JPIC Newsletter (CJN).
Cindy Browne, Editor, CJN Newsletter
Fr. Jean Paul Pezzi, JPIC Office-NAP