Rome, Friday, February 1, 2013
The Assembly for Evangelization of English-speaking Africa and Mozambique (APDESAM) is taking place in Nairobi, Kenya, from 28th January to 2nd February 2013. The Assembly is attended by the Provincial secretaries for Evangelization as well as Fr. Mariano Tibaldo, General Secretary of Evangelization, and Fr. Giulio Iglesias Ocaña, provincial in-charge of the sector of Evangelization for APDESAM.

The Assembly for Evangelization is trying to define a Comboni missionary methodology for the sub-continent in the light of the document “Our Mission. Experience and Reflection – Conclusions of the process of the Ratio Missionis”, a document recently published by the General Secretariat for Evangelization.

On the morning of the first day, Prof. Laurenti Magesa lectured on the theme: “The Future of the Missionary Institutes in Africa”. In the afternoon of the first day and part of the morning of the second day, Fr. Francesco Pierli and Bro. Alberto Parise explained to the participants the principles and elements of the ‘pastoral cycle’ in our missionary activities. These elements are of paramount importance to renew our missionary methodology.

Fr. Mariano Tibaldo presented his contribution on Wednesday, talking about the history of the Ratio Missionis and the changes in the paradigm of our Institute. Then he presented the document on the Ratio Missionis, emphasizing the most important points that have emerged in the process.

Thursday was dedicated to the presentation of the evangelising methodology of each circumscription. Friday morning there will be a discussion on the elements and aspects of the RM which help us to revise our missionary activities. Finally, on the afternoon of the same day the participants will make a summary of what was discussed and offer concrete proposals to renew our missionary methodology, especially at circumscription level.

Prof. Laurenti Magesa lectured on the theme: “The Future of the Missionary Institutes in Africa”.

Participants in the Assembly for Evangelization:
1. Fr. Mariano Tibaldo – Rome
2. Fr. Giulio Iglesias Ocaña – Ethiopia
3. Fr. Tesfamariam Ghebrecristos Woldeghebriel – Eritrea
4. Fr. Körber Markus Lorenz – South Sudan
5. Fr. David Octavio Aguilar Guzmán – South Sudan
6. Fr. Filipe Miguel Oliveira Resende – Kenya
7. Fr. Christopher Besigye – Uganda
8. Fr. Jerónimo Alberto Vieira da Costa – Mozambique
9. Fr. Kambo Paul Kithuku – South Africa
10. Fr. Norbert Stonfer – Khartoum
11. Fr. Gian Battista Moroni – Malawi/Zambia
12. Fr. John Richard Kyankaaga Ssendawula – Egypt
13. Fr. Paul Annis – Egypt
Invited Guests:
1. Fr. Laurenti Magesa
2. Fr. Francesco Pierli
3. Bro. Alberto Parise