Perpetual professions

Sc. Caspis Salarde Jemboy (A)        Kacheliba (KE)        07.04.2017

Holy Redeemer Guild

May                 01 – 15 ET           16 – 31 I

June                 01 – 07 ER          08 – 15 LP             16 – 30 P

Prayer intentions

May – That the social means of communication may be a free instrument at the service of the common good and the creation of a more just and fraternal society. Lord hear us.

June – That the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Institute may help the Comboni Missionaries to remain faithful to the inspiration of the Founder and give themselves entirely, until their last breath, for the evangelisation of the world. Lord hear us.


Alberto Degan, Umani come Gesù – La sfida della Grande Sconnessione, EMI 2017. This book, the missionary says, , “is meant to be a small contribution towards promoting a missionary spirituality that faces up to the ‘unwinding’ of ties: something I call the Great Disconnectedness, a stupor that makes us live – entangled in a net – as isolated atoms, indifferent to the lives of our brothers and sisters and to the breathing of Mother Earth. It is not a natural phenomenon but the result of a deliberate anthropological project, both political and economic, which disconnects us from one another and brings about the progressive dehumanisation of social and interpersonal relationships”.

Manuel Augusto Lopes Ferreira, Missionários Combonianos em Portugal: uma história singular, Lisbona, Além-Mar, 2017, 395 pages. “The benefit of having this work available lies especially in the reinforcement of the missionary conscience of Christian communities that are best understood through observance from outside. It is no small matter and is urgent at this time”, Mons. Manuel Clemente, Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon, states in the prologue.

Fernando Domingues, Um lugar chamado missão – Crónicas de viagem. Lisbona, Além-Mar, 2017, 166 pages. A selection from among the articles the author publishes each month in Além-Mar, texts, as Bro. Bernardino Frutuoso says in the introduction, that “help us to perceive the perfume of the Gospel that is present in cultures and to dream of a new heaven and a new earth”.

Giuseppe Caramazza, Influence of Religious Ideologies and Religious leaders on Politicians’ Ethical and Transformative Choices with special reference to Kenyan Members of Parliament, Nairobi, 2017, a doctorate thesis in the Philosophy of Religious Studies. This thesis explores the influence of religion on the decisions of the members of the Parliament of Kenya, especially those with an ethical dimension or able to bring about change in society. The results of the questionnaire demonstrate that religion has considerable influence on these decisions, while the relationship between political and religious leaders is rather ambiguous.

Tonino Falaguasta Nyabenda, Il Vangelo dà gioia. Life and teachings of Father Bruno Martinelli, Comboni Missionary, Missionari Comboniani, Cordenons (PN) 2017. As stated in the introduction, this is a biography rich in detail, historical items and photos, of a man, pleasant, transparent and with the heart of a child, with a great ability to enter into contact with people.

Edited by Enzo Santangelo, África, meu primeiro amor, Ed. Alô Mundo, São Paulo 2017. “The purpose of this book – writes Fr. Tesfaye Tadesse, Superior General, in the presentation – is to make known, through the accounts of Comboni, the African continent with its beauty, traditions and its entire human potential of that time”.


Biblical Festival

From 18 to 28 May, the Biblical Festival will be held in the dioceses of Verona, Vicenza, Padua, Trent and Vittorio Veneto. The theme chosen is ‘Journeying in the Bible’: “happy the one who loves the journey”. From 19 to 21, twenty displays will take place. Various activities will also take place here at our house: a visit to the ORIZZONTI (horizons) display run by the African Museum which will deal with the voyages of migrants in the Mediterranean; the study of international migrations; a visit to the Comboni Chapel centred on the journeys of Comboni and Comboni Missionaries; a display showing the journeys of Veronese men and women missionaries. The Diocesan Mission Centre and Cestim will offer their collaboration in these initiatives.

Migrants 2017 tender

The Segnavento association, in collaboration with Nigrizia foundation and Acse, has won the tender for MIGRANTS 2017 promoted by the Minister for Cultural Material and Tourism. The tender involves presenting in Verona a series of films taken from important Festivals of African films for the purpose of making known and diffusing cultures of countries where migrants come from. Verona was chosen as the seat of the display due to the presence of the Mother House of the Comboni Missionaries, an Institute that has been present for a century and a half in many African countries, and also for the fact that it has the African Museum.

ACSE: intercultural politics

The First City Council of Rome has invited ACSE to participate in the constitution of the council for intercultural politics and inclusion. Congratulations.


Perpetual vows and ordination to the diaconate

On Friday, 7 April, the scholastic Caspis Salarde Jemboy took final vows in the presence of Fr. Tesfaye Tadesse Gebresilasie, Superior General, and Fr. Radol Austine Odhiambo, provincial of Kenya, during a celebration presided over by Fr. David da Costa Domingues, delegate superior of Asia. There were numerous Combonis at the celebration who serve in the Pokot area and others coming from various communities, as a sign of their gratitude for Joemboy’s perpetual consecration.

On the following day, the Christian community of the parish of Holy Cross, Kacheliba, gathered for the diaconal ordination of Jemboy. The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Mons. Maurice Crowley, Bishop of Kitale. It began at 8am with a procession that started from the Christian community of Tapadany where the Mr. And Mrs. Peter and Magdalene Sakal, the ‘adoptive’ parents of Jemboy, live.

Jemboy is the second Comboni from Asia to be adopted and accompanied to the diaconate in the Christian community of Kacheliba. The first to do so was Fr. Albarina Moises Rellon, at present serving in Vietnam.

Let us pray for our beloved dead

THE BROTHERS: Louis, of Fr. Saturnin Pognon Comlan (TCH), Fr. Lawrence Mutava, of Fr. Carloli Mwambi (I).

THE SISTERS: Lisetta, di Bro. Giuseppe Manara (EGSD); Rita, of Fr. Tonino Falaguasta (I).

THE COMBONI MISSIONARY SISTERS: Sr. Silveria Pezzali; Sr. Saveriana Moratelli; Sr. Maria Daniela Trentin; Sr. M. Miranda Pigato.