Monday, August 20, 2018
The World Social Forum on Migrations (WSFM) will take place in Mexico from 2 to 4 November, 2018. The World Social Forum on Migrations has a vision of migration based on respect, equality, recognition and valuing of differences, in rejection of a perspective founded on detection, deportation, detention, displacement and denial of migrations.

Seven thematic focuses have been defined:

  • Human rights, workers’ rights and trade union rights, social inclusion, hospitality and mobility.
  • Realities of borders, walls and other barriers.
  • Resistances, actors, movements and collective actions.
  • The systemic crisis of capitalism and its consequences for migration.
  • Migration, gender and body.
  • Migration, the rights of Mother Nature, climate change and North-South disputes.
  • Population of organized migrants and diasporas as actors of change.

In order to participate you can :

  • Register your activity here
  • Register your initiative here
  • Subscribe to the FSMM mailing lists and/or thematic groups here
  • Become a volunteer (animation, logistics, translation, etc….)

In order to enable broad participation from Quebec and abroad in the WSF-Migration in Mexico, CTSM will facilitate the organization of an International Collective for the WSFM-2018, which will offer, in collaboration with various local and international partners, logistical support, a pre-departure training program and on-site accompaniment (with meetings of local Mexican organizations involved in the struggle for the rights of migrants).

For more information, write to:

The Earth’s inhabitants Agora

The Earth’s inhabitants Agora aims to bring humanity together for global action.

This gathering should lead to the realization of three audacities:

  • The audacity to outlaw the processes that generate the structural factors of impoverishment in the world;
  • the audacity to banish war from our planet Earth;
  • the audacity to end the current unfair, inefficient and predatory global financial system.

To reach those goals perceived today as utopian, the group proposes a 7-step process, from the preparation of the Charter of Humanity to a global referendum.

Everyone is invited to join this process.

The detailed process is available in French here.