Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network (AEFJN): “Echo” at Issue 100


Thursday, June 20, 2024
AEFJN ECHO has reached the 100th release, and this is quite an achievement! As a simple, handy and easy to read means of communication, Echo remains the most immediate channel for sharing about the life and the work of our network. Even more importantly, it is also an amplifier of the voice of the excluded, which when it is heard in policy spaces, makes power in political and social processes shift from the hands of the few, such as corporations and private interests, to people and communities. [AEFJN]

Then governments respond to the needs of the people and justice and peace reign among us. However, persistent and organized pressure at the grassroots level is necessary to compel governments to prioritize human rights and social justice over maximizing the profitability of business.

Echo’s contribution to such process is five-pronged:

  1. It informs about economic justice in the relations between Africa and Europe and it reports about the activities of our international secretariat in Brussels: amidst the international silence that covers what is happening in Africa, information is essential for unveiling socio-economic injustice and engage public opinion.
  2. It offers analysis and reflection on specific situations affecting the peoples of Africa, helping readers to overcome the sense of disorientation that arises when the complexity of reality makes it difficult to understand it. A solid understanding of what is happening and of the bigger picture around it helps to develop a sense of hope and to reclaim our power to change what is wrong.
  3. By sharing policy briefs and press releases, Echo also helps in focusing collective action for the common good and gives the opportunity to get involved.
  4. At the same time, there is space to present cases studies with suggested advocacy actions that help readers develop both a concrete sense of solidarity and a real connection with oppressed communities.
  5. Finally, Echo also avails a space for sharing the work and initiatives of AEFJN Antennae from various countries, both in Africa and Europe.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank AEFJN staff and other members who have contributed to nurture and develop Echo over the years, and to encourage member Congregations to promote it among their constituencies.

Long live Echo!

Br. Alberto Parise, MCCJ
AEFJN President