To the Provincials and Comboni Provinces:
1-. Lista partecipanti al II° FSC
2-. Profilo partecipanti al II° FSC

To the Provincials and Comboni Provinces:
The Brasil Nordeste Province and the Coordination team for the Comboni Forum, which is to take place in Belem, January 2009, are articulating the preparations for the event and so are waiting for the answered questionnaire that has been sent to you in March concerning the preparation of the Comboni Forum.
We remind you that the deadline for the return of the answered questionnaire is the end of May (up to now we got the reply from the Kenya, Brasil Sul and Uganda Provinces as well as from the European Coordination for JPIC).
Please find more about the World Social Forum and the Comboni Forum on web site: ComboniForumBelem
Many thanks.

News Letter 5° – July 2008